Public Participation Overview

Public Workshops

Four rounds of public workshops will be conducted at key points throughout this project. Each workshop will include an informal open house session, formal presentation, and/or interactive working session with the community. During the open house component, project team members will be available to talk with the public in a one-on-one, informal atmosphere.

These workshops will allow several opportunities for community members to have a voice in this planning process. The timing of these forums will coincide with the major milestones of the JLUS process.

Community Visioning

A Community Visioning session will be conducted to solicit and obtain a regional approach to identify common values and goals to be used in the creation and development of future plans and programs. The session will bring together and engage all demographic sectors within the JLUS communities to identify problems, evaluate changing conditions and build collective approaches to improve the quality of life for all throughout the region.

Public Hearings

Two rounds of public hearings will be held in conjunction with the release of the Draft and Final JLUS reports.